Thursday, August 28, 2008

Feeling Better About the Dems

Okay so I am feeling slightly better about the Dems this morning. I listened to various speakers at the convention last night and I am glad to see they are ramping it up a bit, we have moved away from the warm fuzzy (sort of at least, we had to get over Joe Biden's early life crisis of losing his wife and 2 children) and are moving on to vitriol which I believe is where we should be. Madelaine Allbright was great, she is so smart and articulate. Nancy Pelosi's bra strap was showing so I couldn't really concentrate on what she was saying. Fortunately I only heard Bill Clintons speech in the car and did not have to suffer the effects of watching him speak with the requisite cuts over to Hill looking adoringly on. I kept wondering if they stay in the same hotel suite for these outings or if Bill gets a room in the basement so the trollips and high rollers can come and go with impunity. He was pretty good, and should use his last shreds of credibility for the good of the party. He is still a great speaker. Beau Bidon was a bit stiff, I am sure it was nerves and Joe Biden was of course himself. The last little bit where they were all standing on the stage and Jo had his arm around one of female teenage grandchildren, he lent over and gave her a really deliberate kiss on the lips which seemed sort of creepy and out of place. All that family stuff at the end always feels so forced. I switched the channel before the closing prayer and ended the night with a crass episode of the Family Guy. Ah America and it's rich pageantry. Go Dems!

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