I describe myself this way. Tall woman, red hair, peculiar name. While I am still tall, my hair is less red and I have gotten over the peculiar nature of my name although this trifecta has colored how I see the world. I am an artist of sorts but I wrestle with what that means as you will soon find out if you choose to read on. I am trying to figure out who I am as an artist and a human being. I feel I am getting closer and so that encourages me to soldier on.

I am a graphic designer living in rural Washington state. I daily balance a design business and my interest in multiple creative pursuits, namely; writing, sewing, letterpress printing, knitting, and enjoying traveling in a 58 Shasta Airflyte. I enjoy dominating the blackberries that inhabit my 5 acre Ranchette. When all else fails I build something.

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