Thursday, August 7, 2008

Cleaning the Office

My days of summer slacking are coming slowly to a close, there is work to be done. As is often the case after a long period out of my office, it gets into a state that is not entirely conducive to much productivity. I am thinking in these terms because a) I have someone coming out in a few weeks who has never met me before and B) I have a considerable list of undone tasks. This is how the other shoe dropping feels. I do welcome these swift kicks, that force me to make sense of the residual crap build-up here in Rowanville. I make the cleaning an exercise, even though I feel completely guilty about doing it rather than working. But isn't cleaning, working? It's not exactly fun, it doesn't really rate as high as sailing for example. Somehow if it is not billable, it is not valid. In reality, the process of cleaning is necessary to re-prioritize, to view things with new eyes, to re-connect with what I was thinking about before the break. So I'll go at it hard, clean the whole place, make it shiny and then get down to work. It's like an investment in myself.

I'm moving out some painfully old technology. Apple Laserwriter Select 360. A ZIP DRIVE! ( I had to really yell that one) It's sad. Not quite sure what to do with the refuse just yet. This will be another of my Toward Zero Waste inquiries. I guess I can take it all to the Restore. Will ask around.

Watch out les dust bunnies!


syd said...

Ah yes. Laserwriters and zip drives. Well, it will feel so much better when it's done!

NinjaMama said...

Do you happen to have a Syquest lying around? Ha ha. Good for you for cleaning up and out. When I got rid of my fax machine no one wanted it - not even charity organizations. They didn't use such antiquated communication methods, and didn't think it would sell in their garage sale fundraisers. Goodwill ends up being my, "Nobody Wants It" dumping ground. It is my personal failing that I feel better if they throw it away. Off I go to feel guilty about that now. ;-)

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