Friday, August 15, 2008

My Girlhood

I digress.

I'm feeling slightly fragile at the moment and it's my own fault. Try as I may to pin it on say, my beloved husband. I have been slack about nurturing my girlhood and while I like to feel I am above all this stuff, I am not. I want to feel attractive and well put together, everyone does. We all have beautiful fashionable friends to whom we compare ourselves and it is never good. I spent the night in Seattle this week with such a friend and I came away feeling really shabby and unkempt. My girlhood is easily wounded (isn't everyones). I see now why I have been feeling so needy. I need a haircut, a pedicure and perhaps some other unspeakable but effective beauty treatments. I will feel new and shiny again, like a good luck penny. It seems so superficial but it's really true, we feel better when we honor our girlhood a little bit. When we feel better about ourselves we attract more attention which is what girlhood is all about.


NinjaMama said...

You are so spot on. The girl we were still has an effect on the women we are. I love the shiny, good luck penny part. The things that make me feel that way: A good night of sleep, a good haircut/blowout, exfoliating and moisturizing head to toe, Jergen's Natural Glow Moisturizer, a new lip gloss. Love to your inner girl from mine. xo

Jack Velvet's Blog said...

You are the best Sweet Pea;


MGrandy said...

I hear the call of dial soap and a good hard scrub from the Korean Spa. Erin and I believe it works wonders as long as you keep the scrubber away from your moles. Jimmy of Jimmy's House of the Orient fame has just opened his new day spa in Fairhaven. Expousing the amazing Korean(?) foot treatment. I heard they put hot rocks between your toes. I guess we could always to that at home too. :)

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