Wednesday, September 3, 2008


My folks were here at the weekend. My dad and his wife came on Sunday for lunch. It's been a little while since they were down, a year I think. I was struck, as I often am by what amazing people they are. It's not their accomplishments or their possessions, it's their joi de vivre. They are on average about 80, one is older, one is younger. They look great, they are both healthy and they are both really interesting and dynamic people. My dad bounced on the trampoline with Pearl. She was amazed that at his advanced age he had never been on a trampoline. He jumped gingerly, Pearl was elated. My stepmother Molly, read a bit to Pearl and tried not to watch her spin frenetically on her tire swing which delighted Pearl. There's nothing like making someone you love vagualy nauseous. My dad talked about a book he read recently about the Shackleton expedition, he has sailed and climbed at various times in his life. We all got talking about long sailing trips and navigation at sea. I was born into a family of adventurers and now I am married to one too. Even Molly sailed to Hawaii with dad back in the 80's, they were 3 weeks at sea. Watching them at lunch I can see how much they cherish eachother after all these years together, it must be almost 40 by now. We spent the afternoon in the yard while the sun played hide and seek. My dad threw the ball for the dog and Mark showed off the big red car. These are the people I am trying to emulate in my life and I feel so lucky to have them in my own family.

We didn't take any pictures but here's an image for you. A red Prius pulls into the driveway and my wide smiling stepmother who is petite and blondish gets out, she is wearing red high heels. When I am 80ish, this is how I want to arrive.

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Anonymous said...

The thing I note about you this past year is that you glean the happy from life and really cherish it. That is something that I want to emulate. xo

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