Tuesday, April 1, 2008

A Perfect Day

Wowee, such a busy weekend. As an antidote we took the opportunity to go skiing, the planets were aligned, the weather was just right so off we went, Eddy in tow. We discovered earlier this winter that we can take Eddy with us up to Mt Baker and while we get a few runs in he enjoys the view from the lodge. His dementia helps him to overlook the fact that he doesn't actually strap on the skis.

The beautiful thing about skiing, besides the obvious scenery which is amazing and wild, is that you really can't think about much else while you are doing it. I also noticed that fear has no place in skiing. I just kept pointing my body straight down the hill and focused on the fundamentals of weight shifting and letting gravity do most of the work. I had one impressive wipeout late in the day. I caught an edge and flipped upside down, the sensation of the soft snow and sliding downhill head first had me in near hysterics. Once I accepted I was falling I just went for it. Mark could hear me laughing as I tumbled. It was excellent and thanks to my burly ski clothes no snow touched my skin.

So it's Tuesday and I have a new attitude with which to meet my week. Recreation is the best medicine for what ails me.

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