Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The Local Cafe

I just had an excellent affirming conversation with my dear sage friend KL. We were talking about food and the dilemma one faces when she chooses to eat. And we love to eat, and to eat well. I don't want to eat strawberries, albeit organic strawberries, trucked up from California. I want to dream about strawberries that were grown 5 miles from my house all winter long and through the spring until June when they first appear and then I want to eat nothing but strawberries until they are all gone and the process of desiring starts all over again. Our conversation further solidified the theme of the restaurant. Local. Local availability of ingredients will dictate the menu.

Food aside, I want it to have a nice big neon sign. In fact I may even forgo interior furnishings in favor of an epic sign. Now I hope no one will steal my idea if I write about it here. But I guess if someone did steal, it would just confirm that it was a good enough idea to be stolen. Now this also assumes that a person with the intention of opening a restaurant is going to read my blog. You never know though, I have had quite a bit of traffic to the old web log of late.

Mark said a funny thing to me the other day in reference to my restaurant idea. He said he was only 90% against it. I perked up at this, he was saying he was 10% for it. I smelled encouragement!



NinjaMama said...

10% for it. I love it! Despite my yucky virus, talking to you always makes me feel better, good. I haven't talked to you about the restaurant, but have been thinking about it since I read about your dream. I want for it to be in downtown Bellingham with a place for kids to play so that we can walk there with our little people and I can pretend that I am at your house. xo

the supermama said...

Yes, ME TOO. I am 100% for it. :-)

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