Monday, April 7, 2008

Not Exactly Working but feeling Inspired

What a weekend. Saturday was the first day of the farmers market and it went quite well. Sold some stuff and also connected with loads of cheerful market types who all seemed thrilled to be there. And the best part, it didn't rain, not one drop. Maybe there is a god after all.

Just toodling around the web today, getting an Etsy page set up for the heck of it. My own online store is getting built and should be up and running soon. Will be excellent to have that new sales venue.

One of my favorite market vendors Libby from Moth and Squirrel was the reason I got over to Etsy and I also found this amazing link to Whip

Here's to all the creative people out there making things not only because they want to but because they have to. With every piece our souls are free-er.

Sunday I worked hard all day at Marks dining room table, never went outdoors once. Luckily for Mark I did find time to shower.


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