Saturday, April 19, 2008


Back in Abbottsford after our big trip to town. We went over to Bar's new pad and dropped off her mail. She just got back from England with Paula. We ate some yummy quasi middle eastern food while Luna barked wildly at us. The restaurant guy asked if Luna wanted some lamb. Is the Pope Catholic (and hiding a giant ass under his robes) I thought to myself. We walked around on Main for a bit then went back to Bar's for tea. Saw some really good bathtubs and fancy taps. On the way back to suburbia we stopped at the big fabric store across from Ikea. I bought a pattern, some nice linen with a springy print, and some bizarre polyester print to make summer lounge pants. This print caught my eye as prints always do and I just really couldn't decide if it was incredibly ugly or really really cool.

1 comment:

NinjaMama said...

My vote is really, really cool. Summer lounge pants with a bold print, and a cocktail. Bring on the sun. xo

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