Sunday, April 20, 2008

Sunday Night RoundUp

Sunday night at Rancho Relaxo. After a few days with Mark and Eddy at the Ecopod Complex I am back in my own domain with young Pearl. So nice to be here, although it's always bittersweet as I miss Mark something fierce. Life up there is like candyland, I watch endless TV, listen to streaming radio, surf the hi-speed fun-filled internet, eat stuff I normally avoid, work with reckless abandon because I can, and snuggle with Mark. Occasionally we take the dog out for a walk or ride around in Mark's big red car threatening smaller fuel efficient vehicles. It's heavenly really.

The Ranch is a different scene. Here we are all about kale and dial-up and who ate two of the hens. I can't even watch TV because the CBC is showing hockey playoffs and the rest is just junk. Thank goodness for Netflix and the availability of the super cheap 5L box of wine. If I am lucky the cat will sleep with me, but there are no guarantees.

Life is good and filled with interesting contrasts.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I love the juxtaposition of your dual life. Who DID eat two of the hens? Oh no. Where is the ghost of Oscar Sanchez when you need it? Good luck getting some from the kitty. xo

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