Thursday, April 3, 2008

Blue Boots

These are my blue boots. I got them for my birthday last year from my dad, who is now 81 amazing years of age. I think buying a person a pair of shoes would be a daunting task. I would never take it on but my dad is an adventurer. Add to the difficulty of this task the fact that I have unbelievably huge feet. I am not talking twelves here, I wear a whopping 14, a shoe size that is unavailable to most women, unless you want to look like a transvestite. I actively try to avoid looking like a transvestite.

So dad decides he wants to get me these boots. He doesn't know my shoe size (how could he, I keep it a secret mostly). We were recently in New York City and I had purchased another pair of fabulous leather boots which were being altered to accommodate my sturdy calves right down the street from his house. He had been involved in getting said pair of boots from my house to the shoe mender. His plan was hatched, he went into David's, asked to see the boots belonging to his daughter, and traced by hand on paper the outline of the boot.

I can never adequately express the depth of my feelings when I opened my gift to see these fabulous boots and then feel that cringe of "oh shit these will never fit, how could he", I put them on and lo and behold the bastards fit. Needless to say I have been having a great time wearing them and I have my most excellent dad who seems to know me extremely well to thank. Thanks Dad.


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