Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Best Cat Ever

This is the cat we found last fall during one of our little forced marches to the stop sign and back. He came out of the blackberries and into Mark's arms. We took him home and discovered that Mark had in fact been nuzzling with not only the new cute foundling but also about 300 bouncing fleas. I have never seen a cat with so many on him. We washed him twice, took him to the vet, gave him a name then changed it. He was instantly cuddly and very accepting of his new home. At first he did not display much intelligence and we worried for his safety, but over time he has proven himself to posses all the best of feline characteristics. He likes to sleep on the bed all cozy but not all the time, he does not meow, he refuses to use the cat box now that he understands he can do his business outdoors, he chases the dog, he chases anything that moves. Best of all, he sleeps for hours like this in my office which makes me extremely happy.

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