Sunday, March 30, 2008

International Ginger Kids

What the heck? I was just in the middle of mentally preparing for a new blog entry summing up events of the past few days. I wanted to visit the International Ginger Kids site, seeking support for my soul-less condition. It's gone. Replaced instead with links to links about things that have nothing to with the biting and soul-less nature of ginger people. If anyone out there in webland can get me hooked back up with the organization, please help. Ginger people must stick together as we're a dying breed.


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NinjaMama said...

So sad, it seems that the site is gone. Looks like it may still be connected via this MySpace page.

Also, I saw a reference to an episode of South Park about Ginger Kids, that is probably where this all got started. Too funny.

In Soul-less solidarity.
Ginger Kid Kate

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