Tuesday, April 15, 2008

End of an Era

For the past 6 years I have had a young family living on my property in a converted school bus. They moved here when their first child was 2 months old. I was recently divorced and living alone on my place and I wanted to share what I had in exchange for minimal rent and light caretaking. The years passed easily and in great harmony. We all got down to the business of living, I met Mark and got remarried, they had a second child, conceived (I believe) and born (I know) on the bus.

We enjoyed each others energy and managed to maintain a nice level of privacy within the communal arrangement. And now as easily as the relationship developed over the years the end came naturally and mutually.

As the bus chugged up the driveway and past my studio I felt a great wave of emotion, sadness for them leaving and excitement in thinking about how all our lives will change. I opened my home to them at a time when my whole notion of home and family was in question. They came in and made it their home and I was able to do the same.


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the supermama said...

Oh, that's so lovely and bittersweet.

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