Wednesday, January 28, 2009


It's almost the end of the month, state taxes are due. The mortgage is due and the health insurance and credit card. I am waiting for a check to arrive. I am out of vitamin d and my foot still hurts from some crazy mystery injury. There is wet snow in my yard and I have yet to hurl the eviscerated hen into the woods. I feel like going back to bed and I just might. Sometimes it's better not to fight it.

ps there is no picture to accompany this post, think of a big black hole.


syd said...

Seriously, maybe it's the moon phase? Wish I could come squish into bed with you, maybe we could watch a chick flick. Do you have any orange juice? Better yet - vodka to go in? Hm.

Rowan said...

I caved and came to Mark's. It's safer and happier when I'm around him.

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