Friday, March 5, 2010


Feel free to think of the Stevie Nicks song while you read this.

In the last little while I have had two dreams about landslides. In the first one I was in a dry rocky valley and a landslide was chasing me down. I drove my car until the road disappeared and then I ran, pulling Pearl along with me until we were in a safe place. The air was filled with dust and it was hard to breathe. I could look up into the mountains and see the devastation above me. Last night was different. I was in a verdant environment and they were many people and I could see the imminent danger, a cliff edge that was soft and crumbling, falling away into a deep valley. Suddenly, I felt the earth begin to slip beneath my feet but instead of trying to fight it I surfed the moss covered wave, grasping at the tops of the trees as I fell. My only thought was that I hoped I would lose consciousness before I hit the bottom. I landed in another dream where I was at a wild house party and everything was fine.


Rebecca Meloy said...

Well, lady, take care of yourself. Decades ago I had one similar, about slipping over a waterfall and then deciding to figure out how to dive in. In spite of it all, I had a major breakdown that same month and it was the turning point of my life.

The thing is, it is all about life. Enjoy it. Plant a garden. Hug and play. Listen to the birds. Read.



angel said...
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