Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Yesterday around dinnertime Pearl informed me that, after careful observation of my outfit, I was dressed like a 15yr old. I looked at her and then at myself and noted that we were in fact wearing the same types of clothes. Jeans, t-shirt( I was wearing my hemp racer from Intertwined Designs), she was wearing her "I Hello Kitty New York", and hoodies. I guess I do dress the way I did as a teenager and Pearl at almost ten dresses the way she sees teenagers dress. Does this mean I am clinging to what she has not yet achieved? Or is the bigger question what is a 44yr old woman supposed to wear? If we keep evolving as women and changing our roles the whole mask of our costume changes. I think I prefer the simplicity of the blue jean clad 15yr old.


the supermama said...

I love it! I love dressing in what is comfortable, and what is simple, and what feels good. And I also think Pearl is cute as all get out.

NinjaMama said...

Little girls are so observant and sensitive to the ways of the mama. Probably more disturbing is that Sean I and often have on the same outfit (jeans, navy blue thermal henley, Smartwool socks and clogs). eeks

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