Monday, March 10, 2008

You Eliot!

So Eliot Spitzer, the modern super hero, ex attorney general and current governor of New York is in the soup today. This man who supports gay marriage, who brought down the Gambino family, who took on white collar crime like a caped crusader has apparently visited the dark side.

Can you say prostitute?

With his wife of 21 yrs at his side he admitted his transgression and is now probably sleeping in his own guest room if he wasn't already. I suspect he was. These guys who are in these crime fighting, world changing professions might have a little trouble settling down into an intimate moment with their long suffering wives. They still care for and revere them and in a way you can almost overlook the thousand dollar hooker when you consider the alternative. An actual affair where he falls for someone else and commits adultery is much worse. Engaging a prostitute just says I want to get off and I am tired of doing it alone and this is available to me. Decision made.

I just love how the world works with all it's rich pageantry of cliches in every shape and size. I really wanted to like Eliot Spitzer, he seemed like a real white night but his brave crime fighting super hero days may be numbered. On the other hand, Americans have short memories, lets hope Mr Spitzer's wife does too. Whatever he had done I hope it was really good and worth potentially losing his entire life over. Stupid move for such a smart ambitious guy.


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