Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Another Wednesday

I actually dreamed about the restaurant last night. At least I dreamed I was seeking permission and information from a sage in the field. A local man who is associated with food and who I perceive to be a successful foody. I had spied a small space to rent underneath the stairs of his popular restaurant. He vetoed the idea. I was not deterred and continued thinking about other possibilities. Woke up feeling good.

I needed a little break this afternoon so I did some gardening in the pouring rain. I transplanted a poorly sited Azalea, and gave all the flowering shrubs a nice drink of fish fertilizer. I got quite a bit done in about 45 minutes.

My remaining rooster Gloria does not posses the most pleasant crowing repertoire. I miss Oscar's voice. He was handsome and a good crower. Perhaps this is my punishment for offing him.


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