Wednesday, March 5, 2008

My Wish for Hillary

I want to be on record as saying I support Hillary for President. I will not sport a bumper sticker, I may not attend a rally so pay attention. You heard it here first. This is my second Presidential election since I became a naturalized citizen in the US and I'm pretty excited to exercise my right to vote.

I have a wish for Hillary if she is going to be President. She needs to work a bit on her image, this is obvious but there are subtle things she needs to do. She needs a softer hair-do. Something to add a little mystery to her otherwise stricken expression. She needs to work with a voice coach as Margaret Thatcher (can you say Battle Axe?) did. Her voice was deep and soft, almost masculine, and comforting. Hillary is shrill and the harder she pushes the shriller she becomes. She needs to wear some clothes that she feels comfortable in. Work clothes. Stretchy corduroy pants, not too tight in the ass. She always looks so sucked in and erect. At best her attire lacks personality in the way it totally desexes her. She's a stalky curvy force to be reckoned with but she needs to cut it loose a bit, buttoned up mans world image be damned. It's hard to connect with a woman who looks like this.

So soften up Hill! Relax your face, engage your pelvis, show some cleavage and express your authentic self. We deserve that.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

NO! Not Hillary! OBAMA. Hillary is a wonderful, powerful, intelligent woman, but she is status quo. We want Obama, for real change. We don't want to vote for Hillary just because she is a woman, we want the right woman (she will come along)! But I agree with you about the makeover, and I would love for her to have some comfy clothes. I can't imagine putting on all of that tight, binding, suit crap every day and riding on a bus.

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