Monday, March 24, 2008

Human Behavior

Major breakthrough today. I finally worked my way across my studio to the press. I have been trying to get some stuff made for the market which opens shortly and I just haven't been able to do it. I procrastinate like a pro as the deadline draws near.

Coming back to it finally, I find I am liking all these pieces that have been developing over time and editions. I have better perspective on the work now that I have been away from it. I still can't find the right cover material for the big journals, I ordered some new stuff from my guy in LA but it isn't right. I will use it somewhere of course. Maybe as flysheets on some smaller journals. I started with the Garden Journals. I have a new text block design for them. I am also going to include in the page count, a few clean white sheets for drawing on, in addition to the black photo pages.

Had a pretty nice weekend up on the Sunshine Coast. Was a good family scene complete with a little shit being stirred up by the inlaws. Good humor prevails and I always come away feeling inspired by all involved. So interesting, being human.


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