Monday, February 4, 2008

The Triumph of Self Loathing

I learned just last week that the idea of high self esteem has been grossly misunderstood in child development circles. Turns out all those kids who were told they were "so very special" are having trouble transitioning into normal adult life where it matters what people think of you. Apparently too much self esteem building at an early age results in young adults who need a lot of praise and can't take much criticism. In their world of "it's all about me" they have trouble navigating relationships and don't do well academically. Basically its not high self esteem that leads to high accomplishment, it's accomplishment that results in high self esteem.

It turns out what does build successful people is a heaping handful of self loathing and doubt. Something to nip at your heels, to remind you that you aren't good enough and you should work just a bit harder.

Finally I am doing something right, well not that right.


the supermama said...

Well, always good to look on the bright side. :-)

MGrandy said...

Hey your new found way of raising kids was just like Craig was raised, never good enough, 'you can do better'.
It seems to have worked.
I guess...

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