Thursday, April 1, 2010

A Tiny Sweater

14 months ago I bought the wool to knit this sweet little sweater and I am happy to announce it is finally done and shipped off to its new owner Miss Araya, Pearl's baby sister via her birthmom. It was intended as a baby gift but we all know how intentions are. The reality is the sweater did not take that long to knit, it was the finishing that took forever. I am trying to get better at finishing things well but it takes time, I get stuck on tiny details. Anywho, I feel a bit of weight has been lifted off me and a slot has been opened up in my craft queue which is exciting. My next knitting project is a vest for myself but I have had trouble starting it because I am uncertain of the pattern. I made a diagram of it some time back so I will have to revisit that and get going on it before it gets hot out and I lose interest in knitting. Perseverance is your friend.

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