Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Urban Walking

I have a piece of paper on my bed with 3 columns of first lines on it. I am not sure how to start this entry but I am not going succumb to the list. I have a thing about being original, I will stumble around and come up with my own way to begin this story about how I almost got a flat tire on my way to town last Thursday. It seems I drove over a large road construction spike which imbedded in but did not flatten my left rear tire. Scared the hell out of the dog. So I eventually found myself in town, slightly disoriented buying not one but 3 new car tires. Billing opportunites arise so easily in this economy. I took a walk in Whatcom Falls Park with the dog and a friend to pass the time while the tires were replaced, only they weren't replaced and I had my friend drop me and the dog and my laptop downtown where I met up with the guy who is going to build my new website. Only 2 years in the making people. I had my meeting and then it was time to get back to my car. It was a lovely day so I strapped on all my gear and headed east toward Discount Tire. I had one stop to make on the way which broke up the trip with a bathroom break.

I was surprisingly excited. In 16 years I had never walked in town unless you call walking from the car to the grocery store walking, which I suppose some people do. I walked happily along in the sun with the dog towing me slightly. I felt a bit heavy with all my bags, walking in my Blundstones which I don't normally walk in. So I walked slowly paying attention to everything. Crossing at intersections, I realized I must look a little strange loaded down with stuff being pulled by an exuberant dog. Did I look homeless or just poorly dressed, clearly the dog has a pedigree. I wondered if anyone I knew would pass me by and think I looked a little forlorn and out of my element, obviously missing a key element of my outfit, my car. I got a little lost and pointed in the wrong direction which felt slightly frustrating but it was such a lovely day that I went with it. I ended up in a neighborhood next the freeway walking past houses inhabited by college students and single mothers. Everything was in bloom, neighborhood cats sat on lawns and I let the dog run free when I got tired of being pulled. The good thing about walking instead of driving is that you can cut corners, it's impossible to do this is a car. In a car though you can quickly and easily right yourself when you go off course, the consequences are minor, on foot it's a different story.

I walked for 2 hours on Thursday in total. This is my idea of heaven.

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