Sunday, March 28, 2010

Something's Afoot

From Freewill Astrology

NASA scientist Richard Gross believes that the recent 8.8 earthquake in Chile was so strong that it shifted the planet's axis and shortened the length of the day. The amounts were relatively small -- three inches and 1.26 microseconds -- but it was enough to make "the Earth ring like a bell." I predict a somewhat comparable seismic shift for you in the coming weeks. The main difference is that yours will not be generated by a painful jolt but rather by a breakthrough that's half smart and half lucky.

I have been working with two people lately on a branding project and it has been enlightening, affirming and empowering. I am writing more lately and looking for ways to express myself, walking those unexplored avenues. I am waiting for an answer, a sign, a big hand to point me in a direction. That sign out on the highway that promises a warm bed and cable TV. I am watching for that while I am performing my daily practice of eating well, walking, limiting my alcohol consumption and actively staying connected to all the other humans in my sphere who either need my attention or who's attention I benefit so greatly from.

Today I went to the driving range with my dad and Mark. It was perfect. Golf just might be my game as it combines two of my favorite things, awareness of my body and engagement of my mind. Plus, it takes place in beautiful albeit over fertilized environments. Today we went to UBC in Vancouver and I was overtaken with nostalgia of the place where I spent many of my youthful years, riding bikes along the beach and through the neighborhoods on tree lined streets. The magnolias are in bloom with their big waxy petals. I am going to paint one and I will show it to you. I can't promise that it will express the rush of affirmation, of gladness and optimism I feel right now but I will do it just to see what it feels like.

What are you working on, toward?

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