Thursday, May 21, 2009

This May Be Significant

I don't have a great memory. At least this a thing I repeatedly tell myself which sort of makes its true. It occurred to me today, listening to a poet reading on the radio that one of the few things I do remember from early educational experiences is poetry. Hmmm I thought, this might be significant so I am writing it down here to hold it in my memory. Tweeting and Facebook updates are like little poems, I wonder what would happen if I strung a few of them together.

Poem #1

Feeling satisfied about
writing it down,
Being hit by waves of ideas
the tide is on the rise.
Wishing the snow could disappear more gracefully.
Switching tasks in the same genre.
Wondering what happened to the beautiful summer of my dreams,
floating in the sea.
Stumbling, trying not to fall.
Just coming to.

This adequately sums up the process I am currently engaged in of reclaiming my creativity.

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