Thursday, May 28, 2009

Ceaseless Light

I started writing the blog about a year and a half ago. When I started I thought it would be a daily chart of my activities, a record of the weather, mood, menstrual cycle, humidity, moon phase and other pertinent (ha) details. I saw it as one of those charts that Edward Tufte makes. Clearly I was not that detailed but it has served to be a reasonable document of my life. On the outside looking in that is what it is but on the inside looking out it feels quite different. For many years I had a deep compulsion to write but never did, I had no forum. I wrote a few things but never shared them with anyone. The blogging thing has given me a place to write that is more public than my journal so there is a tendency to think twice about what I am writing about, and to try and keep it compelling or at least useful and authentic. The private journal is a no holds barred, all out whine fest which I will hopefully burn moments before I die. The blog on the other hand invites others to read and to occasionally comment and this is really good for a person like me who needs a bit of recognition and encouragement. Additionally, the morning pages I have been writing, have again revolutionized my thinking about writing and my creative process. I realized the other morning as I walked back from the hen house at 6:30am in my bathrobe, that I have made progress with my writing and it feels really good. I have lost that hungry feeling of needing to get started. I am not really into patting myself on the back but this is one thing that I feel quite proud of. I can say that for the last several months writing has become part of my daily routine and it is nourishing me in ways that I never would have expected. One day I will share some of the other stuff I have been working on. Generally I feel better than I have felt in years and I owe it all to the act of writing it all down everyday.


syd said...

This is really inspiring to me. This post, and your blog. And you, for that matter.

Jackie said...

I'm so happy that writing has had such a positive effect on your life. I'm glad you're proud of the progress you've made as it is truly an accomplishment. I hope you continue to write and I'm going to MAKE time to read your blog!

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