Tuesday, May 19, 2009


No picture for this post, just imagine the most disgusting toilet you have ever encountered in a long deserted roadside gas station. Now clean it.

My young male tenant has moved out and he left a substantial mess considering the short time he was here. He left a bunch of furniture, two easy chairs, a dresser, lamp, microwave and miscellaneous Turtle supplies. I found 4 abandoned socks behind the dresser, along with some seriously grimy dust bunnies under it. In the fridge/freezer he left frozen haddock, salsa, salad dressing and some mystery meat. He left his vacuum and broom, apparently he doesn't really use them anyway. I am hoping the poop I found on the counter was from his turtle and not from mice he may or may not have attracted.

I am left wondering why people abandon their shit. Don't they feel a twinge of guilt that someone else will have to clean up their residue or does it just not enter their limited realm of awareness. Needless to say he won't be getting his deposit back and as far as the stuff goes it may be dump city for those gems. I will spiff the place back up, bleach it from top to bottom and start again. Hopefully the next tenants will be better. Blah blah blah, hope springs eternal, thank god for that and Comet.

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