Thursday, May 7, 2009

Project of the Week

My associate Jackie Wolf of Urban Possibilities asked me to design some materials for an event they were hosting. In lieu of a handsome design fee I got to make what I wanted. The Downtown Theatre Workshop was created to change lives. The organizers bring the power of theatre to those without access. Here they tell their stories, become courageous performers and inspire us all. I used some old sign images I photographed in downtown LA in the 80's when I was at school there. I'd had letterpress plates made at the time so I proofed them and created a vertical landscape. I chose the gradient to suggest the yellow downtown haze and the blue LA sky and layered the silhouettes from small to large to indicate the transformative nature of the process. I photographed myself for the silhouettes, setting up a makeshift studio in my yard using a tripod and self timer on the digital camera. I shot a bunch of poses and selected the ones I liked best and then made vector drawings of them. The type shape came from the idea of the old cone shaped megaphone, I wanted it to feel like the title was being projected out from the bodies not just sitting as a layer of information over them. I am quite pleased with the outcome. Enjoy.

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