Monday, May 25, 2009

I am calling him Piku

It's been about 3 weeks since the Peacock showed up at Rancho Relaxo and I have decided to call him Piku. He is a lovely specimen and is growing friendlier by the day. He hangs out on the roof of my house where he can survey the yard well. He flies down when there is something interesting to investigate. If we are in the house he lingers near the doors to keep an eye on us. He no longer shrieks when the dog gets too close to him. I think he is a bit miffed when I disappear for days but he will adapt to that too overtime.

I am just really struck by the significance of this beautiful creature who has appeared as if from nowhere and now seems duty bound to keep an eye on me, a beautiful eye at that. What good luck is this.


stacee said...

Piku is a perfect moniker.

I think it's just magical that he found you.

Mama Ter said...

I predict he'll subliminally inspire a new palette of colors in your design...does he make those amazing mournful pseudo-siamese sounding calls? The peacocks are one of my favorite things about Hovander park. Ah the joys of rural living - I am peacock green with envy.

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