Tuesday, May 5, 2009

All A Whir

I feel like I am whirring. A few months back I could barely drag myself off the couch and away from the box of wine I keep next to the fridge. But right now I feel really happy, inspired and enthusiastic about everything. I have been gardening, writing, painting, reading, cooking, sewing. I walked 8 miles last Thursday afternoon because I wanted to and I had the time. I am setting goals, taking notes, making lists and sketches. I have been getting back in touch with people I have not spoken to in ages, I am replacing and fixing broken things in my house. I'm storing winter clothes and replacing them with summer ones. I bought new shoes. I am walking taller.

It's good and bad of course, where would we be without duality. I feel so excited about everything that I am having a little trouble focusing on one thing at a time. The worrier in me which I have been working hard at ignoring is making me wonder if this is the manic flip-side to my earlier malaise. Time will tell. Whatever the reason for this new exuberance, I am embracing it while it lasts. Getting things done and moving it all forward a few notches. Honestly though, I think I just reached another life plateau, an old layer has been discarded and this new fresh layer is fully exposed and ready to be realized. I wonder if snakes feel this way when they finally wriggle free of their old dead skin. I wonder if they hiss less and whir more as they shimmy free of their well worn past.

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