Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Sketchbook Project Completed

The book is a journal of my daily walk. 

And what it feels like to be 49.

Thinking about the past.

Keeping an eye on nature.

Trying to stay grounded. 

What I think about when I walk.

And the things I see.  

And the way I have structured my life in an attempt to be creative. 
Front and back ready for packing. 

Ready for stamps!

Now that it is done, such as it is. I keep feeling like I want to look at it again and then I remember
it is packaged and going away. It's a strange sensation. Freeing perhaps. If you get a chance to
go and see it
as it travels around the US, please let me know how it's behaving with the other
wee books.


jackie said...

This is SO great Rowan. Beautiful job. Maybe I'll see it in Brooklyn!

Mark Norris said...

Looks beautiful, Rowan. Is it coming to L.A.?

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