Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Inspiring Inspiration

My friend in real life and here in the blogoshere Judy Kleinberg at Chocolate is a Verb was kind enough to mention me on her blog some weeks ago as a blog of inspiration. That was super nice. With it comes the following task, to name a few blogs that I find inspiring. Blank face. This got me thinking about what I read and why and so I have come up with a short list of blogs I seem to frequent. I tend not to follow graphic design blogs but blogs about sewing, food, and poetry are of interest. I hate the mommy bloggers and although I used to read her, Dooce and Pioneer Woman are just too, too, terribly too.

I tend to like blogs where some piece of clothing got ripped or soiled and the writer might have shed a few tears or uttered a few choice expletives. Honest comments about sex are also appreciated. I like to read about process and progress and fear and trial and success. I want to see that people have goals and are making things happen. I like to hear about neurosis and personal struggle but not too much, we all know it's there and the trick is to not let it cripple us. These bloggers are good little soldiers and they help me daily get done what I need to and they encourage me to forge ahead, step after step.

My list:
Jeanne Williamson

Seven things about me (this was required)
1. I am grateful to eat anything that is made for me
2. I walk everyday that I can
3. I am naturally bossy
4. I am happy to be led
5. I have never been pregnant
6. I have never been sexually assaulted
7. I had a happy childhood

Not that exciting.


Maggie May said...

Thank you Rowan! I love your list of what you want from a blog, sounds just like mine :)

Rowan Moore Seifred said...

You are welcome! Keep at it, I look forward to reading.

Kathleen said...

I do love this. It happened on my birthday and has chocolate in it. But I love it the way YOU love it, too.

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