Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Spring is emerging and it's fever is being felt in all areas of our lives. The garden is really only the tip of the iceberg but it works as a pleasant analogy. Rebirth and remembrance of what we are shedding to make way for a new way of being are the flavors of the day. My daughter will be ten soon and I am entering a new phase of parenting, time to readjust my approach to fit her changing needs. The story of our lives unfurling ever upward, ever hopeful for the future.



the supermama said...

Cheer received here, yay for spring!

fred davis said...

Hey Rowan, long time! Hope all is well.

Though unperceived by those not from these parts (Los Angeles), Spring is starting to show here as well. Our tomatoes are sprouting and we'll be harvesting garlic and onions before it's over. Beans and cucumbers are in the ground and the grape plant has finally arisen from it's zombie state and resumed it's climb up the trellis.

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