Friday, February 22, 2013

Print Project Day One


I signed up for Print Exchange 2013. 500 printers will all create an edition of 12 prints and then we will swap thanks to the good people at Art House in Brooklyn. It cost $50 bucks to sign up and the print must be 5 x 7. Pretty small in my world. In keeping with my self portrait series I decided to make a print similar in feel to my "Practice Healthy Skepticism" print. I am using backgrounds I had on hand and I cut this small lino. I pulled a few test prints yesterday to figure out my color scheme. The theme of this print is "The Road Home". I am in my 30th year in the US and my thoughts are turning toward the next phase of my life and where that phase will take place. I feel like maybe I have been working my way home all these years. The images are simple, a grid of circles and a sign from my time in Los Angeles, a Dogwood, the official flower of the province of British Columbia where I was born and raised. I will also include some type, how could I not. Stay tuned.

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