Thursday, March 26, 2009

What's it all About

Periodically I get a bit of feedback about this blogging thing. Recently it was pointed out to me that I had written something that might not be appropriately linked to my business site. I gave this some thought as I do when I encounter feedback of any kind and I had a mini revelation.

On one hand I want to project that I am a successful professional, reasonably good at what I do. To this end I like to discuss and share the projects I am working on in a positive way, as well as discussing the process of design with it's inherent ups and downs. I thoroughly enjoy what I do for a living and feel fortunate that I have been able to create the life I want here in the country. On the other hand I am a visual artist who runs a small business and my work can take a lot out of me. I work primarily alone which means I have a huge number of responsibilities which I alone shoulder. This can be highly stressful at times. Sharing my feelings about these activities help me process them.

What makes me good at what I do is my ability to work with people. I am a good listener and I am genuinely interested in how people feel. I enjoy working with people when I feel a real connection to them on a professional level and also on a human level. I am also interested in my own development and I am not afraid to share my frailties openly and without shame as a way of moving past the hard times in search of better times. I think there is a lot of masking of our authentic feelings in our society that leads to all kinds of bad behavior and unhappiness.

So it's a mixed bag here at the Rowanville blog. I'm going to talk about the work that I love, my kid, a little about my personal life and a lot about my personal development which informs everything else. And my hope is that readers of this blog might share some of my experiences and feel a little less alone in the world. Life is beautiful but sometimes it's not real pretty but it's all valid and I am open to discussing it. Read on!

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syd said...

I'm so with you on this. I've been thinking a lot lately about how much I appreciate people who are real - in all areas of their life. Why do we have to be so different when we are at work and at home and at other functions? I find that I gravitate toward people who are transparent; I appreciate it, relate to it, and understand it better than the alternatives.

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