Tuesday, March 10, 2009


During my previous life true happiness was a struggle. In those years I learned about myself and my own capacity for joy and happiness. I am an optimist primarily but like everyone I have doubts and worries and fears. Death is a big one of course and I often weigh everything against the reality of my own demise. I have learned though that this is not helpful thinking. The mind is a very powerful thing as I re-learn daily and in the last 7 years I have become more happy and plan to continue in this direction. I choose everyday to be happy. Things come up which disappoint and confound me but if I can step back and gain some perspective on the situation there is often a resolution which is easily attainable. It is amazing how much you can re-direct your thinking away from negativity and worry toward true happiness.

I found this blog today which has some really good advice about happiness .

One thing, actually two things that make me happy are the stuffed monkeys I have on my big bed. One is orange and one is brown, they have crazy long arms and legs with bits of velcro on their ends. I can wrap their arms around each other and attach them. They remind me of Mark and me with our long limbs winding around one another in a playful satisfying embrace. I am not a stuffed animal fanatic or anything but these monkeys appeal to me and make me happy.

As we head into tougher times I think it's worthwhile to take stock of all we have and the simple things that make us happy like stuffed monkeys and sunshine.

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