Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Brazilian Economy

A snarky friend commented recently on Facebook that in about 6 months we'd be seeing some frowny faces of people who can no longer afford their Botox shots. This is only the tip of the iceberg. A few weeks earlier as I struggled with whether or not to get my hair cut, at $60 bucks a crack, I figured the money was better used elsewhere, on food or gas for example. Of course I could not stop there being in possession of the thought process of a ninth grade boy I started to think about all the poor furry pussies who 's owners could no longer afford to have them waxed and maintained. It's horrifying when you stop to think about it. The millions of once smooth southern oasis' now stubbled and unshorn. Brazilians gone awry. This downturn in the economy is affecting the seen, the unseen and the unimaginable. Will we see a return to more visible body hair in these hard economic times? Braided armpits, furry necks and backs, unwaxed lips, north and south. It affects men and women alike. Will friends get together secretly for waxing parties, the dreaded home job? As you know it's pretty hard to rip the hair off your own labia.

Personally, I am considering a small skirt to wear over my swimsuit to deal with this problem, it's cheaper than a full waxing and will last all summer.
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