Friday, March 20, 2009

Still Life with Eddy

Eddy, getting loaded onto the bus

On Fridays Marks's dad Eddy goes out to a place called Maplewood House near our house in Abbottsford. It's primarily a care home but they offer adult daycare, Eddy has been going there for about 4 years. This morning when I got him up to go he was filled with questions about this weekly activity of which he maintains no memory. Today he wanted to know if it was a fashion oriented activity or if it was for craftsmen. Did he need to bring tools with him and what would he return with. He asked repeatedly if this weekend activity was religious. I reminded him it was Friday and it was not religious. Eventually he got around to asking if it was men only or mixed men and women. At one point he asked if it was "bisexual" which gave Mark and I a good laugh. We corrected him on his word choice and of course he was quick to assure us he was more interested in the ladies. He wanted to know if it was bilingual or english only. I am sure there are a few old dutch codgers there too but with Eddy you have to be careful about what information you introduce into his loop. He wanted to know how he got there, and he did have some information in his vault because he was able to ask if he went by bus or by car. A small bus comes to collect him. So off he went on his weekly odyssey that, upon returning home, he will have no memory of. In fact he won't remember that this place is his home either. Fortunately he remembers us and the dog so he never seems to feel lost just confused.

I like these mornings with him when he is lucid and aware. Mostly he spends his time quite withdrawn and silent, it's fun when he is animated and curious about his situtation. Today he kept asking if Mark and I approved of this activity. I told him that we heartily approved and this seemed to give him real pleasure.

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