Saturday, January 31, 2009

Safe Passage 06

It's time for more of this, I have to finish this piece. In March it will be 12 yrs since my mom died, so that is really enough time to put together a story and create a small book which is my goal for this project.

The Saturday before... we take the ferry from Tsawassen to Victoria. The plan is, we will stay overnight with a friend of yours and the following day her boyfriend will drive us up Vancouver Island to your place on Quadra Island. He will stay to perform some minor repairs so it can be listed for sale. You and I plan to drive back to my house in a few days in your 1983 Jetta. (it was such a beater, I can't believe you never bought a newer car). In the ferry terminal you sit in a borrowed wheelchair and inform me that you are not going to watch Seinfeld any longer. You proclaim the characters losers. I will laugh about this for years to come.

In Victoria your friend talks to me about hospice care. I don't really know what it involves but promise to look into it when I get back home. You are in a lot of pain and lay on the floor to relieve the pressure on your lungs and abdomen. Your friends boyfriend drives us up island only he drives like he is trying to win a rally race and we have to stop twice so you can vomit. I feel helpless to make you comfortable.

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