Monday, January 19, 2009

Monopoly with Minors

Pearl often reported playing board and card games over at her dad's place and I got to feeling that I wanted a bit of that action. She loves playing a game and I figured it's a small thing for me to calm myself down, put aside what I am working on and play a round of Candyland now and then. I have played my share of games but I generally avoid them. Playing games you have not played before means reading and understanding directions, this means slowing down long enough to absorb and process new information, an activity I generally try to get paid for. Some games are easy to master and can be fun. I was okay at Trivial Pursuit, I hated Pictionairy, it was too much like charades which felt like drama and I am not interested in performing anymore than I have to to get through the day. Scrabble is of course the king of games and I will gladly drop everything to spend 3 hours playing. Pearl has become really good at it too so I am happy to play that with her but it's not a naturally attractive game for kids. How many of you played the game of Life endlessly because of that clicking spinner, I can still hear it. I dont consider Operation or Moustrap actual games, they are primarily physical amusements.

As Pearl gets older I am recognizing the importance of having activities we can do together beyond watching endless TV. She is in that in-between stage wanting more independence but still needing so much comfort and reassurance. To this end I got us a brand spanking new Monopoly game. Pearl was delighted and we spent the last two evenings playing until she bankrupted me with a hotel on St Charles Place. I was concerned that some of her knowledge of the rules might be a bit sketchy. I had never read the directions for Monopoly, learning to play as a kid from my older siblings and friends, I assumed I knew how to play. I read them tonight and realized there was a whole level of play I had never experienced. I was just all about rolling the dice and staying out of jail. Armed with this new info, my trusty banker at my side I think we can play some epic games.

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syd said...

So fun! We just played Cranium - a game that incorporates a little of everything (trivia, art, theater, etc). It's probably a little too old for Joy, but definitely fun for everybody. Pearl might love it...

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