Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Sun

When the sun comes out in February in northwest Washington, you will naturally want to go outside. Even if you have nothing to do there, and many more things to do inside, you put on your boots and migrate out.

I was outside for 90 minutes today. I worked in the garden adjusting the stepping stone path that leads to my office. The flat discs have not been the right distance apart, first they were too far apart and I leapt from one to the next, then they were too close and I could only get up to a slow stroll. Now they are just right. I also collected up all the disgusting old black plastic I have stored around the garden and laid it out on the new piece of territory I am expanding the garden into. Because its so windy right now I laid big cedar branches all over it. I had the branches leftover from some pruning I did in the fall. It looks like a conceptual art installation.

Now that it's dark I guess it's safe to get back to work.

1 comment:

the supermama said...

YAY for getting outside in the sun, now us nosey readers just need a picture of those stones doncha think?

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