Monday, February 11, 2008

Irate Returns

Irate came back today. I was going for a walk with the dog when she arrived. The dog was momentarily MIA so I walked up the driveway calling for her. Whistling, then calling then whistling, then walking and pausing to listen for her tags, then calling again, then yelling. Then yelling more. And there she was. Irate. I wanted to kill the dog, scream at my neighbor (I'm sure she was somehow involved in the dogs disappearance) and really showcase my big bad ugly anger.

It's been several hours since the incident. Irate has had a few glasses of wine and should sleep for another month or so.

1 comment:

NinjaMama said...

I usually put Irate to sleep with chocolate. Good to know that wine works as well. ;-) Love it

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