Sunday, January 20, 2008

Why we live this way

This is Eddy, he is my 80yr old father in law. 30 yrs ago he left Canada for the South Seas. My husband (then boyfriend) rescued him from paradise about 4 years ago and brought him back home where we could take care of him as a family. He is a lucky man all things considered. So when we got married it just made sense that my husband and his father would set up shop in Canada (health care) as they are both Canadian citizens and I would stay put in the states because of my commitments here. School age child, custody agreement, etc... Our houses are 13 miles apart, across an international border.

And so it goes, a few days in Canada, a few days in the States. As we agreed when we got married, neither persons sovereignty would be affected by the union, we are like independent, extremely congenial neighbor nations.

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