Thursday, January 17, 2008


I love my vacuum. Take away my rider mower, I will let the lawn become an itchy meadow. Take away my chainsaw, I can use the landscape saw and revel in it's toil. Repossess my washer and dryer, I will scrub the laundry by hand and let it dry on the line, blissfully waving in the breeze. But take away my sweet yellow Miele and I would surely die. The way it sucks up all the tracked in grit, wood waste, and bird feathers effortlessly, as it restores my wood floor to it's soft smooth self. Cobwebs get in line to face their destiny, spiders shrink into deep corners, house flies fly fruitlessly backwards as this brave little soldier seeks and consumes everything in it's path. In moments, order is restored in my small domain.

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