Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Topic of the Day

It's hard to pick your blog topic for the day. There are so many things that run through ones head during the day. ESP for example, I bet I spent 20 minutes today wondering if I have actual ESP. I think I do. I had my pupils dilated and it was snowey which made the effect of having my eyes unable to adjust to the glare a real pain in the ass. I wore one of those pieces of dark film shaped like glasses behind my own glasses. I bought 3 bags of layer mash for the hens. It occurs to me that it's weird that I feed my two roosters layer mash along with the hens. I wonder what it does to them. Perhaps it explains why one of the roosters has been attacking people (except me). A friend got a stuffed dog for christmas and now I am considering having the rooster killed and stuffed. I will call my neighbor who is a taxidermist and discuss this with him. I wonder if he would off the bird as well. He seems like he might. I couldn't work most of the day due to the pupil dilation so I watched some daytime TV. I spoke to a really nice guy at immigration. I got 3 books out from the library and bought Pearl some new toothpaste. We are trying to wean her off those candy flavored pastes. It probably doesn't matter a wit. I am now watching my third Christopher Guest movie. All in all it was a good day so I guess that is my topic.

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