Thursday, May 20, 2010

Weak in review

All the details are too ridiculous to type. It was a hell of a week, the highlight being the partially decomposed mole I found in my bedroom on Tuesday at bedtime. Should I clean more often, is that the message there? My thoughts are plentiful but also random and shallow, thank god for my schedule which leaves little opportunity for diversion. I designed a 288 page cookbook in 4 days, at half the normal rate, it made sense to do it in half the time. The economy still sucks so I am double booked, it keeps me eating and too busy to be depressed. I am reading a good book and my badminton skills have improved 2 fold thanks to Pearl. I posted a prayer that my dad sent me and that kept it all in perspective. I was happy most of the time even when the dog woke me up barfing at 2am. On the bright side someone ate the barf before I had a chance to clean it up. Even steven baby.


chum said...

"i'm reading a good book" and title?
isn't that a felony?
love your posts, rowan!

Rowan said...

Lazy girl that I am. I am reading I've heard the Vultures Singing, Field Notes on Poetry Illness, and Nature by Lucia Perillo

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