Sunday, May 2, 2010

Three Thumbs Up

Well wowee! Went to our first 3-D movie this afternoon and holy cow, was it ever cool. First of all Tim Burton is a strange genius, we knew that. Lewis Carroll was also a twisted genius and the two of them together were fantastic. The art direction was sublime, the costumes rich, the characters were over the top and delicious. The 3-D effect is so compelling, in the action scenes I routinely threw my head back to avoid being hit by branches, flying chickens and teacups. Pearl and Mark loved it too of course and I think we'll be going to more of these movies in the future. Look out for Tron, Legacy in December. I was feeling a bit flat this rainy Sunday, a little cabin feverish but this movie has completely readjusted my attitude. Via 3-D!

1 comment:

syd said...

Likewise, loved it.

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