Thursday, June 11, 2009

Ready for Summer

Summer officially kicks off for us on Saturday. In honor of the fine weather we have been having I have decorated the covered patio. This sheltered area becomes an extension to our otherwise minimal house. We cook, eat, read, work and play outside when the weather is fine. Nothing says summer to me more than a permanent party atmosphere so I feel strongly it is good to keep the fridge stocked with drinks and ice cubes and the patio decorated in a festive manner. This year I am using the decorations leftover from our wedding 5 years ago. Time flies when you're having fun but I hope the summer moves slowly. Anyone for a Mojito?

1 comment:

norris99 said...

We put up a feeble, but effective sunshade framed with bamboo for the summer. Outdoor living is the main thing that keeps us sane. Our 800 sq ft expands to infinity when we roll outdoors - and that's how we do! Love from The Echo Park Nudist Association, est. 1988.

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