Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Big Baby

Yesterday Pearl had her 5th grade Moving On Ceremony. It was really touching. We are lucky to have been with such a nice group of kids. Today was my last school drop-off of the year and the last one at this school. Pearl wrote thank-you notes to all her teachers and some of the school staff and we went in a bit early and handed them out. I found myself getting emotional as she handed her letter off to her 2nd grade teacher, I had felt relieved when her kindergarten teacher was not in her classroom. That one we left on the desk. We made our way down the hall to the library and then onto her 4th grade classrooms. When we got into her classroom after giving a letter to her art teacher who we encountered in the hallway (a woman who has done an exceptional job and has been let go due to budget cuts), I found I could barely watch as Pearl's 5th grade teacher read the letter and gave her a little hug. I was tearing up, I had been since the second grade class. I really wanted to hug that woman but I did not want to get all emotional and messy so I fled. I fled past the receptionists who have met us every morning with warm enthusiastic smiles and drove home. I cried all the way. I am going to miss them and this part of Pearl's childhood.


syd said...

Aw. Change is so good, and so difficult!

Mama Ter said...

I can so relate! This year, when touring the various preschool options for our little guy, one of the instructors started going on about her love of teaching science and math and how they help explain the world to kids. I couldn't keep a lid on it, looked up, and Joe was starting to cry too.

Pearl seems like a wonderful child, lucky to have a wonderful family, and wonderful teachers.

—Another Big Baby

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